Monday, 30 March 2009

Lots of fun

It's been a busy, fun week. I've made every effort to get out of the house and make the most of the people around me. On Friday evening we had my bellydancing friend Jools and her husband Andrew round for a curry. It was a good evening. It was the first time we had properly met Andrew, despite going to their wedding in the summer, and I must say that I found him most entertaining! Barney had us drawing pictures for his pretend post box outside his bedroom door. So we had a little colouring competition. Poor Jools and her lovely flower picture came last, but I think a lot of cupboard love was involved.

On Saturday evening I went up to Mums house for a girlie pampering night. Maddi, Jenny, Hannah, Emma, and one of Hannah's work friends were there. Mum cooked an awesome feast of lamb curry (except it wasn't curry, it had some other fancy name that I can't remember!) People sat around having massages, spa baths, facials etc. It was good night, but I didn't stay overnight like the rest of them did.

Then today, Sunday, we took the kids out to Lurgan Park, where we are carried on like fools and big kids ourselves. Rosie sat up in her buggy for the first time and looked wildly at all the ducks, birds, trees, and park equipment. Then we all went to McDonald's for lunch, which I don't think we've done since we were in America. Rosie didn't know what to look at first in the restaurant. Her eyes were wildly darting from one thing to the next.

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