Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I'm in denial about the fact that I have a child who is taking his GCSE options next week! How did that happen? I went to sleep one day and woke up with a teenage son! So here I am, still trying to work out what I want to do with my life, whilst trying to guide my son in the right direction for his career opportunities!

I'm rather miffed that RE GCSE is a compulsory exam. Er, why? When do any of us ever use anything we learn in RE again?? What a total waste of study. I'm rather cross about it to be honest. Badger (it's going to take me a while getting used to that new blog name!) will have to miss out on a subject such as ICT that might be of some use to him in life, to take RE instead! So next week I have to go to a parents evening to meet all the teachers in an attempt to work out what options he should take. I don't remember any parental involvement when I chose mine. I think I just chose them and no one really showed much interest.

He has to take English Language, Double Science, Maths and RE (!?!?!??!?!?!) then 4 other subjects. He wants to do Media Studies BTEC which is equivalent to 2 GCSE's as far as I'm aware, plus Drama, Engligh Literature and ICT. Which is one exam too many. So he's going to have to drop ICT I think. He could do 10 exams but I really don't think he'd cope with that amount of work. I struggled to do ten GCSE's myself, and I don't mind hard work. Badger, on the other hand, is often work shy. Lol.

I am also thinking myself about what to do this year. I am not someone who is generally content to just get up, do the housework, feed the kids, and sleep. I need more than that in my life. I do enjoy being a Mum, don't get me wrong, but I need an outlet other than that or I start to go a bit stir crazy. And right now I need something to occupy my mind more than ever. Months of thinking about the same problem has almost totally squished my brain of any motivation or desire!

But what to do? I want to get back into Bellydance, but that only takes up one evening a week. I need something that requires a lot of thinking and brain exercise. Any ideas? I could do some volunteer work, find a part time job (although I'm supposed to be on maternity leave so that's probably not really an option), write the book I've been meaning to write for years? I don't know. I kind of want to start writing this book, but the fact that it might be a monumental waste of precious time kind of puts me off.

We have been thinking a bit about moving back to England and Marty saw some properties advertised on the web that were actually cheap enough to leave us mortgage free if we moved to them. They had enough bedrooms and were near to our friends. OK, they weren't palaces, but at least they were affordable. It's just getting the time together to really talk about it. I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to do anything, let alone something so huge.

Two days of using the new asthma medication the doctor gave me and I feel so much better. I've stopped waking up choking, my throat is no longer sore, and I am not choking anywhere near as much during the day. Maybe twice a day as opposed to 20 times a day. The doctor said it might take 2 weeks to work (if it did work) so I'm very pleased with the result!

I joined twitter this week but found it so boring that I deleted it straight away. Lol. There is a funny video about twittering on youtube called 'Twitter Ruined My Life'. I found the video hilarious, but sadly true of some people!

So, it seems that I changed my blog address to this new one, changed all our names and info yet the woman I was getting away from seems to have been reading the blog all along. I don't know who gave her the address or how she found it. She is using a cloaking program to try to hide her identity, but all that does is hide how she gets to my blog and how she leaves. Her IP address, ISP provider and location all remain the same, so I can plainly see when she reads it. I do wonder why she felt the need to track me down and keep reading. Bit sad isn't it?


crunicorn said...

come back, come back!!!

Darwi said...

And why do you think the writing be a huge loss of the time?
You like writing, and when you start it, your brain will get necessary "workout", and you'll be learning. If you're so shy to start with that then take up one of the writing courses at QUB, there are loads of those in that life-long learning program of theirs. At least you'll see what's your "competition" like ;-)
And about that yours problem woman. She could get the address of your new blog trough the followers of the old blog. I have to admit myself that I did not remove myself as follower from your old blog, and yet I put myself as the follower of the new one. This illustrates her persistence too. I doubt that any of us actually follows just one blog, So she had to go trough all of them to find yours new one.
Just be careful what you write about or block your blog temporarily. I know you do not like that kind of option but with those kind of persons, better be safe than sorry.

Tammy said...

I am so sorry about that persistent woman. Seems like she would have better things to do. It is very sad.

As for you writing, I think that's a great idea! Write the book you had been wanting, or even write about your travels around America. That is not something that everyone does. It could be the travelers guide to America, or something like that, lol. Many love reading your blogs, I'm sure a book from you would be brilliant!!

I do know what you mean though, about working your mind. Everything I keep trying, fails. I'll find something though.

Glad you are feeling better!! ♥

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