Wednesday, 11 March 2009

So many options!

Phew! What a busy day it's been! This evening I spent the evening up at Badger's school talking to various teachers about GCSE options. Apart from his maths teacher, everyone said Badger was doing very well! I was so pleased, and a little surprised. Ok, so to be honest, I didn't speak to the teachers of subjects he is not considering for his options (French, History etc) so maybe they wouldn't have been so positive. But the ones I did speak to were pretty happy.
He could do better in maths, but as I tried to explain to the teacher, he is in a maths class that is too easy for him, and is totally bored. She agreed but won't move him up until he proves himself worthy. Lol.
His science teacher (who I thought was a complete idiot, personally - one of these people who likes to think they know my kids better than I do) said he should get at least a B in GCSE double award science, and that he could definitely manage an A if he knuckles down. I was impressed as I failed terribly in the sciences at school.
His English teacher said that he is extremely creative, very intelligent but not at all academic. Which I already knew. She wants him to take Eng Lit GCSE, which is only offered to a few children, as she thinks he has a natural talent for English. But shes worried about whether he will put the effort into doing it or not. He seems pretty keen when I talk to him about it. I think the fact that the teacher likes him and believes in him has spurred him on.
His drama teacher said he's a fantastic student and was delighted that he's planning on taking drama GCSE. She said the drama GCSE course is always over subscribed and she has to turn students away, but she guaranteed me that Badger would have a place on the course because he has remained dedicated to the subject through-out the years, attending drama club and taking part in school productions.
The ICT teacher said he shows talent in the subject but the ICT course is over subscribed and he may not get a place on it. I told him that if he doesn't get into ICT the only other option for him is child studies, which he is not at all keen on (no boy has ever done that course in his school before!) He put a question mark next to his name saying he was possible for a place. I saw in his list of names that he had one tick, about 6 question marks, and a lot of crosses. So I batted my eyelids at him and told him that he spends a lot of time at home doing ICT type projects. I managed to get him to turn that question mark into a half question mark/half tick. Lol. He's still not guaranteed a place though.
(equivalent of 2 I also spoke to the teachers of business studies, and media BTEC. Both of them are in the same option category. Badger wanted to take both of them but can only pick one, which is unfortunate. So I spoke in depth to both teachers and we have decided that media BTECGCSE's) is more suited towards him. It's completely practical, no written exams at all, and they do things like make movies. They learn how to direct, produce, edit, and how to film. Just his cup of tea I think.
He was very excited to talk to me about it all when I got home.

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