Saturday, 7 March 2009

Another week over and out of the way

Another week is over thankfully. At the moment I feel as though I am just passing time. Although at the same time I'm sad time is passing, as every week Rosie gets older and less newborn-like. It's amazing to see her grow and develop, but I know how short this time lasts for and I want to enjoy it while I can. But right now I feel so blooming miserable most of the time that I'm barely enjoying anything.

At least I can sleep now, which is a blessing. For many weeks I just lay staring at the ceiling, totally frustrated at my lack of sleep-ability. Now I could literally sleep my life away, if allowed to.

We had to take Rosie to the on-call doctor up at Craigavon Hospital today. She's had weepy eyes since she was born but they'd got infected with full-on conjunctivitis and were horribly stuck together. She now has some antibiotic eye drops to use for a few days, so hopefully that will clear it up.

I've been trying to find something to distract my mind a bit. I've been thinking on and off about all sorts of ventures but have no motivation for anything other than sleep. There are two OCA courses that I'm interested in, and the points for them can count towards the OU degree that I started a few years ago. I like the look of this Creative Writing course, and this digital photography course. But at almost 600 quid per course I can't really afford to do them, so I have applied to the college for a bursary. They have a fund set aside each year for students that they feel show a talent in a certain area. I doubt they will fund me for both courses, but maybe one. I had to formally apply for the bursary with proof that I'm a pauper, and with evidence of my talents! I should hear back from them within three weeks.

Our oven has totally died. It needed replacing five years ago, and we have made do. But now the door has fallen off and the whole thing is kaput. Today we went out to buy a new one, discovered that built in ovens with a grill cost about 700 quid each and came home without one. So it's stir fries for us for the foreseeable future!


Anonymous said...

Note the hat Rosie's wearing. I bought her that along with matching shoes!

Steve said...

that pic is soooooooooo cute

Darwi said...

Uh, that courses are really pricey!
I will again mention those at QUB. Yeah, it might be an whole hour drive from you, but they are usually held by proper QUB staff and not more than £60 per semester (at least that was the full price when I was taking the last one). Also, some of them do carry the credits, the proper university credits for the degree. So in case you do not manage to get the scholarship, try them.

crunicorn said...

great taste Tarja!

Tammy said...

That is an adorable outfit!!!

Good luck with the funding, and the oven search!!

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