Saturday, 21 March 2009

All in all it's been a pretty ok week. I've made a real effort to get out of the house a bit, which has perked me up. The doctor gave me 10 days worth of sleeping tablets, and I think that after just 3 nights of good sleep I feel so much better. It's nice to be able to sleep and dream instead of laying thinking things over and being anxious. Hopefully the sleep will remain after the pills are gone!

I have started a new photo blog, as mentioned before, 365 self portraits. A blog of introspection where I plan to take a photo a day for a year and make note of something good that has happened during the day, or something I am glad for. If you want to see that blog leave a comment here to let me know and I shall invite you.

One of the books I ordered has turned up. Buddhism for Mothers...

"Parenthood can be a time of great inner turmoil for a woman, yet parenting books invariably focus on nurturing children rather than the mothers who struggle to raise them. This book is different. It is a book for mothers. "Buddhism for Mothers" explores the potential to be with your children in the all-important present moment; to gain the most joy out of being with them. How can this be done calmly and with a minimum of anger, worry and negative thinking? How can mothers negotiate the changed conditions of their relationships with partners, family and even with friends? Using Buddhist practices, Sarah Napthali offers ways of coping with the day-to-day challenges of motherhood. Ways that also allow space for the deeper reflections about who we are and what makes us happy. By acknowledging the sorrows as well as the joys of mothering, the book can help you shift your perspective so that your mind actually helps you through your day rather than dragging you down. This is Buddhism at its most accessible, applied to the daily realities of ordinary parents."

I'm really looking forward to reading it, although I'm still reading 'Dear Fatty', Dawn French's autobiography which is both hilarious and heartbreaking in places. Definitely worth the read to anyone who appreciates her.

The health visitor came out to see me this week. She was watching me play with Rosie whilst giving her a nappy change and she told me that Rosie and I are very in tune with each other. I don't know what other parents are like. I thought it was normal to talk to the baby and cuddle and tickle her. Lol. She also told me that I should consider becoming a counselor as she thinks I'd be very good at it. Blimey. I wonder how she could tell that in an hour of watching me play with Rosie.

Anyway, yesterday was a good day. We were invited very last minute to a BBQ at a friends house in Lurgan. We took just the two little kids with us as the bigger kids weren't yet home from school. I was pleased to see that an old friend of ours was at the BBQ too. We hadn't seen him since the summer and it was lovely to catch up. He was sitting next to me poking Rosie's little feet so I took that as a sign that he secretly wanted to give her a cuddle. Now this is the man who has always insisted to me that he would never be having children! I shoved Rosie into his arms and left them together. Haha. He seemed slightly shocked but in no time he was making her laugh. I'm proud to say that he admitted little Rosie was so cute that she was making him re-think his stance on never having children! Good girl Rosie.

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Tammy said...

I have heard of the 365 picture thing. I would love an invitation, please. Not sure if I'm up for taking that on myself, but I might think about it. Glad you are feeling better!! ♥

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