Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mother's Day Thoughts

Today I was awoken by a very excited young Barney. Rosie had long been taken downstairs for a bottle by her Daddy. The school uniforms had been ironed by Marty (my regular Sunday job) and I was presented with a cup of tea, a plate of pancakes with strawberries and cream, and a big vase of daffodils.

I am now also the proud owner of a heap of drawings, paintings and general cutting & sticking from Barney, plus a book of vouchers from Badger, and a mass of vouchers from everyone which must be used today. That includes one 24 hour voucher for as many cups of tea as I can manage, a voucher for one hours guaranteed reading time, and many others. I also got a new camera to replace the one that got dropped and broken last week. I was already missing my little camera. I love Marty's big swanky camera but it's not possible to slip it into ones handbag!

Today I have been thinking about how blessed I am to have such an adoring, wonderful, happy family. My children mean the world to me, each of them with their own special characters.

Badger is a very loving, thoughtful teenager. He always gives me a hug if he thinks I am down, and manages to keep a smile on my face, even if we argue. He is a dramatic, creative, loud, entertaining and humorous young man. Life is never dull with a Badger in the house and I thank him for all the laughs, and all the loud, boisterous and fabulously entertaining times we have shared.

Tarja is a quiet, peaceful, sensitive and loving girl. She always thinks of others, whether they be people or animals. She likes to read and listen to music in her room. Sometimes I forget she is even here. Tarja makes a good friend and I know that she will be treasured by the people who win her friendship along the way. I am always happy when she notices that I am alone in my bedroom and pops in for a little chat.

Barney is my baby boy. A big baby boy now, and getting so independent. Barney is a huge character, always full of chatter. He is very perceptive - nothing gets past him! Creative and expressive, he loves to make things for people. Paintings, drawings, collages. His little smile and his big eyes melt my heart and when he hugs me I feel that my heart will explode with all the love it feels. He is my little rotter.

Even little Rosie has her own character already. She is calm, relaxed, laid back and very happy. She is very like me in a lot of ways. As long as she has eaten and slept, she likes some good company. Every day she accomplishes something new - a smile, a giggle, using her hands, rolling over. I feel such pride watching her grow and thrive.

I am very thankful for my family. Every single one of them brings something special into our lives, and we would never be complete without each other. Thank you guys for making Mothers Day so special.


Steve said...

am glad that you had a good day, enjoy the camera! XX

Wils said...

sounds like you had a pretty chilled day! Great idea those vouchers;o)

tootyfandango said...

Would love an invite to your 365 photo blog please? This is me just finding out that I can post comments!! Had a bit of a "Eureka" moment-what a technological dinosaur!!

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