Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hokey Pokey

Last night we had Hannah and David round for dinner. Well, when I say we had them round for dinner; they actually came round and bought us chinese food. Yum!

Marty did a cookery demonstration of how to make honeycomb. This is the photo I took of them all learning how to mix golden syrup and sugar to make a sweet, deathly concoction. It's far too sweet for me to eat. But simple to make.

Barney is out playing on our 14ft trampoline with one of the neighbouring children that is only here at weekends. He just thrives in the company of other children. It's lovely to see him outside playing and making friends.

This week he had his first play date. His best friend from school came over with his Mum to meet us and get used to us all. On Wednesday he is coming over for a proper play, and Barney is very excited about this. I am still friends with my best friend from primary school, who I met at age 4 or 5. It's exciting to see him on the same journey.

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Venus Doom said...

well it looked like honeycomb, but did not really taste like it lol

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