Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Off we go

We are off to Dublin for 2 nights. Just me and the hubbie. My Mum has bravely OFFERED (Yes, she offered with no blackmail or cajoling necessary!) to have my four kids for 2 nights. I guess she remembers what it was like to bring up 4 kids. So we are off to spend 2 romantic nights down in Dublin. We are planning nothing but some good hard reading, drinking of lots of tea, lots of drinking anyway, lol, and some rest. I do hope I don't miss baby Rosie too much. We haven't been apart since she was born and I'm not sure I can totally manage without her! I'm sure she will be fine without me though!


Darwi said...

Well, your hubby already wrote in his blog that you had great time. :D
I'm happy for you.

Marian said...

I so much enjoyed looking after the kids. They were all brilliant and the hugs and snuggles with Emily Rose were a lovely reminder of what you were like as a baby. She is a chip off the old block. Her smile is just so wonderful. It lit me up too! How I wish I didn't have to work (ho hum)

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