Friday, 24 April 2009

I'm feeling irritated today, although it has been a good week, all in all. I'm just feeling a bit house bound I guess. Really feel like going out but have no money and no babysitter - a common problem for parents I fear!

Rosie is really developing this week. She is starting to become attached to toys, and soon I feel she will attach to people too. I hope she doesn't become as clingy as her big sister did. I think she may be starting to teeth soon too. She's dribbling a lot and lets out little painful screams every now and then.

I started back at bellydance this week, which was good. I looked a sight, but was glad I managed to keep up with the routine. I really thought I'd be too unfit to keep up, so I was pleasantly surprised, although I've certainly lost some poise and grace in the year that I've had off! I've also signed up for a local yoga class, so hopefully will be feeling a bit fitter soon. Theres is a baby yoga class in the library on a Saturday which I am thinking of taking Rosie along to. I think she might enjoy the company of other babies. I just need to remember to phone up and book a place on it.

I'm getting a bit frustrated at having no money. Not that I've ever really had any money. But us both being unemployed is very hard. Things keep breaking. We had to replace the cooker. The car is falling apart. Moan, groan, whinge.

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Tammy said...

I can so relate to not having any money, or babysitter. Thankfully, Mike's hours at the golf course have increased some. But, we are so behind in everything, that ever pay day, the money goes just like that!

I hope you can find some time alone at least. That helps me.

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