Friday, 7 August 2009

Rosie woke up at 6.30 this morning and for some bizarre reason I haven't gone back to sleep, even though Marty has taken her down for breakfast. So I might as well use this quiet time to write a blog post.

Only two weeks to go until the baby naming ceremony. I have so much to organise! I really need to get a move on with it today. Quite a few people are coming, so I need to have something for them to come to! I am so excited about my best friend from school, T, coming over for the baby naming weekend. Also my grandparents happen to be visiting my Mum at the same time, so they will be there too. I better start organising the thing properly. So far all I have is ideas!

The summer holidays have been a bit drab so far. Terrible weather, no car, and Marty away doing the book fair, have all made for a boring couple of weeks. But now, we have a new car! Well, it's new to us at least. Thank goodness for that. We can finally leave the house. I had taken to going for walks in the graveyard behind our house, just to get out!

Today, if the weather isn't too bad, we will take the kids to Gosford Forest Park. They always enjoy it there... so many trees to climb and hide behind, so many places to explore. We always find it a magical wee place. Barney will no doubt be looking for fairies, and doors to their homes in the big trees. And no doubt, I will take a million photos. I love taking photos outdoors.

Ooohh Marty and I both got our hair cut this week. Mine had grown so long, so quickly, and was just a mess. Marty has had long hair since our trip to America. But now he has it cut down to how it was before we left... not really short, but not long. Something like this.... I think it really suits him that length.

This week has been a bit of a luxury one. My sister M and I went to stay at a health spa over night, at a hotel in County Cavan. It was great to have a wee break from mothering for a few hours, and to feel all pampered and luxurious! M and I had a good laugh, and enjoyed the different steam rooms, saunas, foot spas etc, not to mention the pool. I might take Marty there sometime for a break, I think he would enjoy it.

I've just remembered that we took a few photos yesterday. So here at the best of them...

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