Thursday, 27 August 2009

A mini day trip

I have really wanted to make the most of the last week of the summer holidays. The only way to get Barney out of the house at the moment is to give him full control of where and when we go.  So today he planned a trip to Armagh Planetarium, and tomorrow he plans to go to see the new Guinea-pig movie at the cinema. Yesterday he let us take a trip to Sprucefield, to go to just one shop (where I lost my mobile phone, grrr). But to get there we had to promise him that the road trip would not take longer than one Sponge-Bob (eg 15-20 minutes). We had to set an alarm clock to go off twenty minutes from when we left the house, and promised him that if the alarm went off before we got there, we would turn around and come home. 

planetarium 001 planetarium 003

The planetarium was a bit of a disappointment for us adults, but Barney enjoyed himself. We didn’t see a show as he just wouldn’t enjoy that, so it only took us half an hour to walk round the place. Barney and I made a rocket from a cola bottle and launched it into a field.  He was pleased because his rocket went much further than the other kids did.  But he didn’t like the noise of the rocket launcher, so stood with his fingers in his ears the whole time, looking anxious. We had his ear defenders but he wouldn’t wear them in front of the other kids.

I think after two days at the Kennedy Space Centre, and after watching a real live rocket launch, the Armagh Planetarium was a bit of a come down!   But it was good to get Barney out. Marty and Rosie came too. Jimmie wasn’t interested, and Tarja was on a date with her boyfriend! :S

Barney is getting very worried about going back to school next week. A new class, a new teacher. He is worrying about little things, like ‘will you know where to pick me up after school?’

Here are some cute pictures of Rosie. Just because.  Because she is beautiful, adorable and just totally delicious!

DSC_0426 DSC_0431 DSC_0423


Tabi said...

she is adoreable!

Steve said...

You did not write that I brought a camera with no battery or memory card! silly me!

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