Saturday, 29 August 2009

Cakes and Cinema

Yesterday we made it out to the cinema. Just Barney and I. He was great about it, as long as I promised constantly that if he couldn’t handle it, we could leave. If he knows there is no ‘get out’ option then he panics a lot more. So knowing that he can leave if he needs to seems to keep him much calmer. Although its not always going to be possible to give him that option. 

He was worried, but not panic stricken. He packed a pink handbag (!!! he insisted on taking it!) with a teddy bear, a torch, and his ear defenders. Having it with him seemed to help. We bought sweets (far too many) and went to see ‘G Force’ – a film about FBI Guinea-pigs, full of guinea-pig action. It was pretty good for a kids film. He used his torch to get in and out of the cinema, and wore his ear defenders the entire time. It worked out pretty well. And it helped that the cinema was pretty low on customers.

Today I had promised to make cakes with him.  He decided late last night that we should make cakes and was very upset when I said it would have to wait till today.  He got very cross about it and insisted he would be making them on his own.  We worked out in the end that he thought I’d forget to make them the following day and that’s what was upsetting him. So when I suggested he make a cake-making reminder picture for me, he was happy and ran off to find his pencils.  He made me a reminder, and this morning Marty went out and bought the ingredients. We made a crown cake and some iced sweety pastries.  I really enjoyed the time in the kitchen with him.

cakes 026   cakes 028 cakes 054

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Steve said...

I made that cone cake with him a while ago! Your looks much better and I cant wait to eat some, in fact I am going to have a piece right now!

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