Monday, 17 August 2009

Let's go fishing Daddy

Late this afternoon, whilst Dan and I were relaxing in our bedroom with little Rosie, Barney burst into the room all kitted out in a pair of green peter pan trousers, a white top and a sun hat, carrying a fishing net. " We are going fishing Daddy" he announced, "let's go!"

My first instinct was to tell him that we couldn't all just up and leave at a moments notice because he had decided to. But it was a lovely day and we'd all been cooped up for so long. So we decided to just get up and go. Plus I was delighted that he wanted to actually go somewhere! There was a bit of a panic when he realised we were all going, and not just him and Daddy as he had imagined.

So Daddy and Barney spent some time fishing around the Scarva Park Pond with a fishing net, whilst the girls and I took some photos and kept out of the way for the male bonding. We all walked around the lake, saw some sheep and met a horse. Rosie was very impressed with the horse, as she has never seen one before. She couldn't wait to have a touch of it, and I think she might have thought it was a large dog!
Then we all spent some time in the park. Rosie loves the swings at the moment. All I heard from Barney the entire time was 'Mummy, look a this... Mummy, look at me!" I watched him go around the assault course, and took plenty of photos, as usual. All the photos are available to see here.

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Mrs. Mike said...

awww we have horses and Maks could care less about them. I would love to take little Rosie for a ride!

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