Friday, 21 August 2009

Tomorrow is Rosie’s big day…

Only a few hours until my bestest friend from school, T, comes to stay for the weekend. In an hour we will head off to the airport to pick her up. I am a little over excited to say the least! She hasn’t been over to visit since Badger was about 4 years old. So, that was about ten years ago. Wow.  I have made her up a room over in the west wing. Lol.

Final preparations are in hand for tomorrows party.  I am still learning the words to the song. For some reason that seemed to be the least important thing. The service is written and we have a speaker, yay.  Guests are invited, and some are hopefully going to show up! We have already written our wishes into Rosie’s book.  Tomorrow everyone else will write their wishes into it too.  Dan has taken a drive up to Mums house with a big collage that I made, and with our dining and garden chairs. 

I’m really quite excited about it all now.  And even more excited that dear T will be with us.  I can’t wait to see her.

On other notes, we just discovered a message on the answer phone left after our visit to the behaviour clinic two weeks ago.  It was the psychologist that we saw there. She wanted to let us know that Barney had been referred to the autism specialist/doctor and was on the priority list, so should be seen in under 8 weeks. That’s great news.  Last night was a particularly bad night for Barney. More panic attacks, more not being able to settle at night.  He almost made his Daddy cry when he said in tears, “Daddy, I wish I was just an ordinary boy”.  How sad.  Yesterday I was stroking the back of his neck while he was watching TV. I do that a lot. He said “Mummy, I know you like doing that but it really makes me feel sick.” Then he got upset with himself because he thought it would hurt my feelings. The lady at the behaviour clinic had noticed that he didn’t like people touching him if he couldn’t see it.  I don’t know, he seems to be deteriorating day by day at times. 

Back to school in just over a week could be harder than anticipated.  Sometimes not knowing what to do is just so difficult.

But back to being excited about tomorrow. Yay.


Tammy said...

I was thinking the other day. Do you think that a behavior therapy animal might help? I know they have them here in the states. Mostly small, calm dogs, that would sit with him and he could pet it and maybe it would calm him down. Not sure if it would work, but thought I would mention it.

Venus Doom said...

I'm not sure. I've never met a behaviour therapy animal. But I do know that Barney tends to torture with kindness any animal that he comes across. We looked after my sisters dogs for a few weeks this summer and Im sure they couldnt wait to get home. He never gave them a second of peace. Lol.

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