Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Tall Ships in Belfast (a day early)

Since Barney seems adamant that he can't face the crowds tomorrow, but really wanted to see some of the tall ships, we went to Belfast today and had a look at the few that were there already. Belfast is going to come to a stand still tomorrow when the whole thing really kicks off! It's such a shame we can't persuade him to watch the ships leaving along the coast on Sunday, as it would be such a spectacular sight.

Anyway, we parked in the Odyssey car park today and walked past all the marquees etc that were being prepared for tomorrows start to the event. There were a handful of ships already docked, and we got to get right up and close to them, which was great for Barney. Rosie was just as delighted as ever to be outdoors, and smiled constantly. Barney went dressed as a pirate for the occasion, and he had such a great time, despite a mild panic attack about going out.
You can see all the photos by clicking here. But here are my favourites. Afterwards we took a trip to Ikea to buy Rosie a cot bumper so that she can stop banging her head and legs during the night!

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