Friday, 7 August 2009

Day trip to Gosford Forest Park...

Today was a beautiful family day. We took the opportunity to get out for a drive in the sunshine, and took the kiddlies to Gosford Forest Park, a favourite place of ours. We haven't been there since before our trip to America. It is so full of huge, climbable trees, which the kids just love. Little Rosie was mesmerized by all the trees, looking up into them with a face full of wonder. She loves to get out into nature.
We started with a picnic which Marty had prepared. Rosie felt like such a big girl sitting at the picnic table with us. She sucked on a cocktail sausage as if it was a dummy!

Then we went for a nice family walk along the little stream, climbing various trees along the way, until we came to our favourite area, full of the biggest trees. The kids played hide and seek together while Marty and I doted over Rosie. Tarja had her friend from school with her too.

After being cooped up for weeks without a car, it was so lovely to get out and spend some quality family time together. Here are a few photos, but you can see all of them by clicking here.

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Steve said...

it was a great day, great blog keep it up!

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