Friday, 24 July 2009

Kids do the darndest things!

Marty is away for 10 days at the moment, and since our car died it means that I'm stuck in the house on my own with 4 kids, and no way of escape! I don't mind too much, although I do miss getting out and about a bit. And it is hard never getting a break to take a shower, or read a book, or just think. I am grabbing this rare opportunity to write a very quick blog post, whilst Barney and Rosie are watching nursery rhyme time together. Most days I am not stopping until about 10pm.

Today I discovered Barney digging a hole in the middle of our lawn! He had my huge garden spade and was slashing away at the lawn as if he was trying to make it to Australia. I called out to him that he shouldn't be digging up the lawn like that, and suggested a more suitable area for digging. "But Mum! I'm trying to find the sewage pipes!" was my reply. He thought I was very unreasonable at not wanting a trench in my lawn.

I had to laugh this afternoon. He had eaten a yoghurt and wanted to make a yoghurt pot telephone system. But needed another pot. So I told him to get me a yoghurt and I would eat it for him. He called out from the kitchen "what flavour do you want?" "Surprise me" was my reply. A few minutes later a very confused Barney presented me with a yoghurt saying "I THINK it's fish and celery flavour!" He didn't seem at all shocked that it wasn't fruit flavoured! As it turns out it was rhubarb flavour, and he through the pink stems of the rhubarb were some sort of fish, and the leafy tops were celery! I did laugh.

On an exciting note, for me as a Mama... Rosie said 'Dada' today! I had been worrying that she wasn't attempting any sounds yet, apart from her own roaring noise. She is missing her Daddy no doubt. She listened to his voice on the phone, and then Barney sat with her and tried to teach her to say 'Dada'. She sat listening to him, then in the sweetest little baby voice, said a quiet 'Dada'. Well! Did we make a fuss of her! So much so that she said it again. It was the sweetest little noise I have ever heard. Of course we phoned Daddy to tell him and he was almost in tears. So cute.

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Maddi said...

Awwww that's so lovely. It must be so touching when ur baby makes her first word, especially if it's dada or mama. Maybe not so much if it was poopies or bottle!

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