Friday, 17 July 2009

Today was supposed to be such a busy day. I had 3 different events planned for today, but one by one they have all been cancelled. I am not complaining, as it means that I now have the house to myself for the day! Which is a rarity that I truly enjoy.

We were planning to go to W5 today with a friend. But the friend was unwell, and as it turns out I have a cold so I am quite relieved not to be going. Marty has gone instead, with the kids. Barney was fine about the trip being cancelled. Then when Marty said he would take him instead, he was excited. But excitement often leads to anxiety attacks. After getting dressed and ready to go Barney started to feel sick and panicky and decided that he couldn't go after all. For some reason the wind outside seemed to be bothering him too. He begged not to go. I wrote him a page out about the days events, and we drew pictures of all the exciting things he likes at W5. But still he did not want to go.

Anyway, my sister M turned up with her new doggie which we are baby sitting for the weekend. Barney loves Mookie, but is a little nervous about her. Once she arrived he decided a trip to W5 was the better of two evils, and off they went! I hope they have a good time and he doesn't spend the whole day panicking.

I phoned the doctors this morning for the results of my latest liver function tests. She said that my liver function is improving (good news!) but isn't yet back to normal. I'm a little surprised as I have been feeling so well the last 2 weeks. I have to be tested every two months now instead of every two weeks, so I guess that's a good sign. If it's not back to normal next time then they are sending me for liver scan.

Rosie has started to sit up on her own now. She has been doing it for a few weeks but was a bit wobbly. Now she seems to be quite happy to sit unaided. She looks so grown up when she does. She is such a poser! As soon as she sees a camera she gives a great big smile!

Look at these two photos of me and Rosie at the same age. Don't you think there's quite a resemblance??

I have been taking steps to make life a bit easier for Barney (and myself). I've been reading various books and sites about Aspergers and Autism, and tried to implement a few new things to see how they help. I have printed out and laminated a morning and evening routine for him. It basically lists all the things he needs to do, such as brush his teeth, make his bed etc, and he ticks them off when he is done. He likes having them to follow, and it means I don't have to keep asking him if he's done everything. But the best thing so far has been the little food planner that is on the fridge. I laminated some little food pictures to represent each of the following; breakfast, lunch, dinner, pudding, 1 unhealthy snack, 1 healthy snack, 1 fruit snack. Barney puts magnets onto each one and pins them to the fridge every morning. Each time he has used one of them he puts them into a little pouch and they are gone for the day. It is working really well. On a normal day Barney can ask for food every 10 minutes or so. It is a constant battle of reminding him what he has already eaten, and putting up with the tantrums that follow a 'no you can't have something bad for you'. Now, he looks at his pictures to see what options he has. Once the option has gone to the pouch he doesn't ask for it any more. It is wonderful!

I have also printed out lots of clocks for him. When something planned is happening during the day we draw the hands onto the printed clock so that he knows what time the event will take place at. It seems to give him some peace of mind.

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Tammy said...

Wow, there is a big resemblance in those pictures, so sweet!! I have a picture of my mom, me and Alexis, at about the same age, and we look a lot alike. I'll have to get those scanned in sometime.

I'm so glad that you are finding things to work for you and Luke, to make things easier. : )

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