Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My Sisters Keeper

I took Tarja to the cinema this evening to see My Sisters Keeper. Such a sad film. One that really reminds us as parents, or brothers or sisters, how lucky we are to have the health of the people we love around us. At one silent point you could actually hear the sobbing audience.

Barney's ear defenders have arrived and so he is keen to test them out at the cinema tomorrow. His Dad is going to take him to see Ice Age 3. Let's hope they help and that he doesn't spend the whole time in the toilets hyperventilating again. He loves the ear defenders. Every time Rosie cries he puts them on and they really seem to reduce his panic. I caught him wearing them on the trampoline in the garden. He was jumping up and down with a running hose pipe in his hand, soaking himself and the garden. You gotta love little boys. They are so precious, and so entertaining!

We forked out for a new bed for Barney yesterday. We can't afford it but he so desperately needed one. I was worried about how he would settle into it but he did just fine. We have been practising deep breathing and he has been visualising his happy place. When he gets panicky I talk him through the breathing and then remind him to go to his happy place. It seems to help if we get to it before the panic really sets in.

We are planning Rosie's naming ceremony for 22nd August. I have so many ideas about things we can do to make it a special day. I want to have it outside in my Mums field, a sort of hippy affair with everyone sitting on rugs or cushions. I have more ideas than we could possibly use. I just need to focus them somehow and start to get organised.

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