Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Mid day blackouts

I keep noticing, as I go about my daily business, that the house has been plunged into darkness. Someone has been closing all the curtains at odd times of the day. Today I spotted what was happening. As I walked out of the office into the hallway, every doorway was closed, every curtain in the house was closed, and the place was in darkness. I could hear Barney closing the last of the curtains upstairs.

When I asked him why he was closing them, he said that it was because it was raining. And I realised that every time it has rained the last few days, he has done the same thing. Why do you need to close them when it rains? I asked. He gave me a few silly answers and then said 'it's because I am worried the world is going to flood, and if I don't' see it, I don't feel so worried.' I'm wondering if that's all part of the Aspergers issues, or whether he is just being a kid and playing games.

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