Thursday, 3 December 2009

Happy Families

Happy times. Am I not the luckiest woman in the world? Look at those four beautiful, healthy and extremely happy children. This was taken at the weekend at one of our friends christenings. It's not often I get a photo of all four kids together. Look at them. They are just all so wonderful. I must be the happiest, most blessed person on the planet! I feel it.
Everyone is getting into the festive spirit. Its only one week until Rosie's first birthday, then two weeks after that it will be Christmas. You can feel that kiddie excitement building up in the home. Advent calendars are out, decorations are slowly starting to appear, and everyone seems to have a little spring in their steps this week. Life is good.
I am also very excited as one of my closest friends from England will be joining us for Christmas this year. I can't wait! It will be a special Christmas indeed.
Rosie went to her first ever birthday party today. Her little friend turned one year old. She had a great time and enjoyed the company of the other one year olds. She even won pass the parcel, and spent the ENTIRE day playing with her prize when she got home!
It really is great having such a mix of ages with our kids. The older two just adore their baby sister, and are such great help with her. It is great that they are big enough to carry her, or feed her. She thinks that they are adults and she trusts them to take care of her. Barney is the best play mate for his baby sister, and vice versa. Rosie just thinks the world of Barney. Everything that he does, she wants to do too.
Ahh yes, I am in a very positive mood, and all is good with the world right now :) Isn't it great to feel that way?

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