Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas Weekend Craft Extravaganza

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Here is the first of three or so posts.

My Mum is such a cool Nanny. She organised a Christmas crafting weekend for the grandchildren at her house just before Christmas.  What a weekend it was! And one that the grand children will remember for ever.  We spent the weekend sleeping over at my Mums house, and spent the two days making all sorts of yummy, exciting Christmas gifts. Mum made truffles and raspberry ruffles with the kids first. Then we spent a good part of the day making dough craft gifts.  It was very messy but they all loved it! I took my dehydrator along to dry them super fast so that we could then wrap them as well.


The kids made all sorts of really imaginative gifts for their parents, teachers and best friends. I made a dough craft family portrait for Marty for Christmas, and another one for my friend C who came to stay with us over the Christmas period.



In the evening my Mum and my wee sister decorated the Christmas tree, with help mostly from myself and Barney.  He loves decorating trees and inspecting every shiny bauble. Mum has such a great collection of Christmas decorations, compared to the awful, cheapy, plastic baubles we have at home!


The kids all slept over in the living room. It is a BIG living room as you can see!  They watched WallE, cinema style with Mums projector, at midnight! You can imagine how exciting that must be for a bunch of young cousins.  Barney didn’t manage to sleep the night with the kids, and soon came snuggling into bed with me. 



The following morning was spent making crafts with Nanny and Aunty Hannah.  They made boxes to wrap up their dough crafts, hand made cards, Yule logs, Christmas decorations and all sorts.  I think it was a wonderful weekend, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  As did the adults! 

Thanks Nanny!

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