Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas 2009 – Part 1

I really wish that I was better at coming up with catchy titles for my posts. But my brain always just goes blank. And so here we have a post about Christmas 2009.

Twas a good Christmas, although a little manic. In truth I don’t really remember much about Christmas 08 as I was in a lot of pain from the C section, and was nursing a 2 week old baby. This year I had expected things to be much calmer and more relaxed. It didn’t really happen that way. Little Rosie got very ill 2 days before Christmas.

My wonderful, dear friend C arrived to spend Christmas with us on the 22nd. That night Rosie was up crying the entire night. She developed a temperature and got very unwell. In the morning I phoned the doctors and was told to bring her straight in.  Her temp was 39.5, but that was after taking paracetamol, which wasn’t good! It turned out that she had a kidney infection so they prescribed her antibiotics, and told me to bring her back if she got any worse. By the afternoon she had started vomiting, had come out in a rash and her temp still hadn’t gone down. So I phoned the doctors and they had me take her straight back down.  This time they noticed that she had developed tonsillitis too. So the poor girl was not a happy bunny in the slightest.  She spent 2 days being very unwell; then 2 days being lethargic, clingy and sleeping a lot. Then finally started to brighten up. Yesterday (28th) was the first day she was totally back to her old self.

So Christmas wasn’t relaxing as Rosie was super clingy and was up until 11pm each night, instead of 7pm.  But we all still managed to have a pretty good time even so.

It was just wonderful having C over for Christmas, and I think she enjoyed herself too!  Barney took to her immediately, and she took to him just as readily.  They were inseparable!  She was such a good sport; playing countless games of doctors and nurses and hide the bauble, amongst other games.  She has a good understanding of Asperger Syndrome which was really helpful.  It was a shame that she didn’t get to see Rosie at her best though.

Four stockings were hung out this year. I remember taking a photo of little Rosie inside her stocking last year! She was far too unwell to know what was going on so her brothers and sister hung her stocking up for her, whilst little Barney put out the mince pies and carrot for Santa and Rudolph.


Barney woke at 3am and came into our bedroom asking if it was morning.  Marty answered ‘no son, Santa hasn’t even been yet’, to which he replied ‘he has been, I’ve been downstairs and someone has got a new bike!’  He was sent back to bed but re-emerged at 3.30am!  We sent him back to bed and didn’t see him again until about 8am.  We left Rosie sleeping as she wasn’t well, and the kids got started on their Santa prezzies.  They all did extremely well. Barney got a new bike, a telescope and countless other cool toys.  Tarja got two full length mirrors (one of which she sat on and smashed!), a huge box of makeup, lots of new cool clothes and smellies.  Whilst Badger got a keyboard, a new mobile phone (yes, his fourth I believe – we are taking bets on how long this one lasts!) new music CD’s and lots more. 


When Rosie finally emerged she fell in love with the big teddy bear that Santa had left for her, and then opened her prezzies very, very slowly; with a little cuddle and rest between each one.


Mum came over for Christmas dinner, bringing more presents with her than Id ever seen before.  Marty cooked a gorgeous dinner of turkey and duck, with all the usual trimmings.  The roast potatoes were divine (I have a bit of a love affair with the old roastie!) 

It was a lovely Christmas, despite the sickness and mania. I hope next year to get back to the old relaxing Christmas where we have open fires every night and drink lots of hot chocolate!  But everyone had fun. It was probably Barneys best Christmas ever, as he had a live in entertainer to keep him company!  It was so lovely having C there for Christmas, and we hope that she comes back again soon!

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