Thursday, 31 December 2009

The start of another year, 33

Yes, it’s the start of a new year for me. Not because it is the end of 2009 and the start of 2010, but because I just had my birthday and turned 33. The years are flying by and I am getting older faster than I expected! The 33rd year of my life was a mixture of good and hard times. It’s been wonderful getting to know the newest member of the family and sharing every minute with her. She has brought nothing but joy to our lives.

Anyway, my birthday this year was a lovely, quiet event, which is just what I needed, and wanted. As per usual I was woken up by an excited Barney who couldn’t wait for me to open my presents. The family all gathered on the big bed and Barney took the job of passing me presents to open. Little Rosie opened half of them for me and squealed with delight at their contents; even though she had no idea what they were. She seemed most delighted with a pair of polka dot underpants that she wore on her head as a hat!

aDSC_0022 aDSC_0025

Jimmie brought his new keyboard up and played a song that he wrote for me. Then Rosie stole the microphone and had the most fun singing into it! (see photo above).

Tarja spent her own money and gave me the loveliest big wash bag full of smelly goodies. She did the same at Christmas when she bought me lots of new nail varnishes and made a beautiful paper mache and dough craft tray to set them in. I was really touched by her kindness.

aDSC_0015 aDSC_0007

So what did I get for my 33rd birthday? Well, a lot of books that I’d requested – The Allergy Bible, Superfoods by David Wolfe, Grow Your Own Drugs, The Time Travellers Wife, Michael McIntyre Live DVD, Sex In The City DVD, some cool PJs, the coziest slippers I’ve ever owned, L’eau D’Issey Perfume set, some cool stress putty from Barney, scented candles, a digital photo keychain, 1000 tattoos book, socks, pants, gloves, a red glass heart necklace (the same as the green one I am wearing in the photo above), loads of delicious smellies and lots more. I was thoroughly spoilt!

Marty made me pancakes with strawberries for breakfast in bed. I spent almost the entire day reading books in bed (including all the new Asperger Syndrome books that I got for Christmas). Then in the afternoon we all had fish n chips whilst watching the new Ice Age 3 movie as a family. It was really nice just to relax and read all day long. If only every day could be like that!


Steve said...

Was a great day, Happy Birthday Hun

Wils said...

Great photos, looks like you had a brilliant birthday. Happy new year everyone!

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