Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Tarja’s pit…

I have spent 2 days cleaning the kids bedrooms. 4 bedrooms totally gutted and reorganised in 4 days, and as such I am totally shattered! 

I was trying to remember my room as a kids and wished I had some photos of it. Think of the memories that would bring back.  There would be things I had forgotten that I’d owned and a part of my childhood personality in those rooms.  So I decided to take photos of the kids rooms (whilst they are relatively tidy!) for them to look at when they are older.

So Tarja, here is a tour of your room when you were 13. Enjoy….

jude1 jude2 jude3

jude4  jude5jude6 jude7 jude8 jude10 jude9

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