Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas – Part 2


A big part of Christmas this year was C’s birthday, which fell on Boxing Day.  Barney was as excited as she was about it.  In the morning Marty and Barney cooked C a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, beans, fried bread and tomatoes to get the birthday off to a good start.  Then she opened the presents we had gotten her.  We had put the presents under the tree after Christmas, and Barney took great pride in giving them to her one at a time.


We all sang happy birthday and made her a cake from Bakewell Tarts as we’d forgotten to get a proper birthday cake.  Mmm, I love cherry bakewells. Yum yum.  In the afternoon C and I headed off to the shop for the start of the Christmas sales. It wasn’t too busy and we picked up some real bargains!  Marty’s chin nearly hit the ground when I came home with so many bags of shopping!


On Sunday, just before C’s departure home we had a visit from A, another old school friend who’s Mum happens to live in the area.  She had flown over to Ireland for Christmas too. It was like a little mini reunion.  Barney was the main entertainment, and was in his element surrounded by women.  He had us all (mostly A) doing yoga with him!!  C had given him kids yoga flash cards for Christmas (they are brilliant!) and he was going through all the ones that required a partner!  What a laugh we had.


It was great to see A again, and just brilliant having C over to visit.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!


crunicorn said...

love the pics - especially the one of C and her cake(s)

Steve said...

Was a great having C here,a good Christmas

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