Saturday, 28 November 2009

Now the fun begins…


Now Rosie is well and truly crawling, and the fun is really beginning. She has realised now that she can not only crawl around the room, but she can crawl out of the room and discover where other people have gone to.  She hasn’t discovered the stairs yet, but she’s having a blast discovering all sorts of things she has never before seen. One of her favourite spots is at the foot of the tv, where she can play with the DVD machine… opening and closing it and pressing all sort of buttons on the sky box.


Now that she is on the move she seems so much less of a baby. She will celebrate her first birthday in just two weeks time.  Now she is a little playmate for Barney.  Whatever he is playing with – she wants in on it!  Here they are playing in the hallway with a car, a horse and their two new rats. Barney loves rats and I had bough them one each in Ikea for a stocking filler. But Barney discovered them just after I’d paid for them, so they got them early.  Rosie owns the white one and she sits with it making ‘eeek eeek’ mousie noises!


It is amazing how fast they grow. I never would have imagined that Rosie would be a good playmate for Barney. But she and him are just the best of friends and do everything together. Barney worships and adores her, and she returns those feelings.  He can’t wait to get home from school to see her, and she rewards him with the biggest smiles, as she kicks her legs and squeals with excitement.

There is no greater joy than seeing your children grow and learn every day.  Not a day goes by when I don’t marvel in their amazing little personalities, and their personal accomplishments. 

Right now Tarja and I are watching the X factor together, Rosie is asleep, Jimmie is over at his girl friends house, and wee Barney is making me some refreshments.  He has been in and out of the room half a dozen times, clarifying which seeds are edible raw and don’t need to be cooked! So far he has made me a glass of water with some pumpkin seeds floating around in it!  Visit my nutrition blog to see him and Tarja making smoothies.  (That’s probably where he got the idea of putting pumpkin seeds into my drink!)

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