Thursday, 28 May 2009

Mmmm, fingers. Almost as nice as Mums home cooking.

I spent the afternoon making a big batch of baby foods. It's about all I accomplished today, apart from giving Rosie a bath.

I've run out of sleeping tablets and the doctors have been so busy that they haven't got my prescription ready. So last night I slept not a wink, and tonight will probably be the same. Not sleeping sucks! I am a zombie now. After 8 hours of nothing I eventually managed a 2 hour doze, where I was dreaming that I was on an operating table waiting to be put to sleep for some surgery. But they kept delaying the start of the operation and I had to just lay there waiting. I wasn't really asleep. It was more like a sleep deprived trance. When will I start to sleep again? This is getting blooming annoying!

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