Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Baby Yoga, Osteopaths and drongo's

So what's new? Life has been so busy that I've not had time to post anything here really. Everything is ticking along. Rosie is getting absolutely huge! I started her on one solid feed a day this week. Yesterday she tried mashed banana and really seemed to love it. So I am taking her to the supermarket in a while to buy various mashable fruits and veg to make her some meals with. Maybe some strawberries, mashed carrots and parsnips, mashed berries and bananas. I don't like these packet baby foods made of dried flakes. It seems like giving the baby a microwave dinner to me.

I'm going to see an osteopath tomorrow - to the tune of £50! I hope it's worth it. That's far more money than I can afford, but I am in so much pain that I'd almost pay anything to get some help with it. I have some huge muscle knots in my upper back and neck, all on the right hand side of my body. They are agony. The neck strain is causing me migraines, and the knots in my shoulders are so huge you can sort of pop them around. I can barely move my arms sometimes. I've been getting Marty to massage them every evening, which is agony. So hopefully this osteopath will be able to relieve some of the pain. I know that after the C section I could not stand up straight for weeks and I had a lot of shoulder pain then. I think that, coupled with stress, is what is causing it all.

I took Rosie to her first 'baby yoga' session on Saturday, and boy did she enjoy it! There were 6 babies there, all in the 4 - 5 month age group, and she was delighted to be making new friends! She chattered, laughed, squealed and sang for the entire hour, smiling at all the other babies. The babies lay on their own yoga mats while we moved their little legs and arms into stretches and yoga positions, whilst singing nursery rhymes to them. But we also did some Mummy Yoga ourselves, with our babies in our arms. Needless to say I was shattered after doing yoga with the equivalent of a 16lb medicine ball baby! Can't wait to take her again next week though. She really enjoyed the whole experience.

I attended Tarja's parents evening at the college last week. It was interesting to talk to all her subject teachers but I have decided that science teachers are drongo's! Badgers science teacher had told me at his interview to tie a card round his neck with a list of things he should remember each day! (Yeah, why not just give him a bell and call out leper as he walks by!) But Tarja's science teacher obviously had no idea who she was talking about. I sat down at her desk and said 'Hi, I'm Tarja's Mum' (except I obviously didn't use her blog name!) and the teacher looked panicked, ruffled through some papers, then proceeded to talk about my daughter as a boy! 'He is doing ok, he this... he that'. I sat in amazement until she said 'do you have any concerns about him?' at which point I got the giggles from embarrassment for the poor woman who obviously had no idea who she was talking about. She ended by saying 'if anything he's a bit chatty in class'. Well, then I knew she wasn't talking about my daughter, as every other teacher had said how quiet she is! I'm sure she felt embarrassment when she realised her mistake.

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