Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Day 1 – 5 Days Vegan

Yay! Day one of our 5 day vegan challenge. I couldn't wait to get started on cooking (and eating!)  Some of it didn't go so well, some went well, and some was great. I have asked everyone to score each meal out of 10 so that I know which ones to make again.  I don't want them saying 'mmmm, its nice' just so that they don't offend me and my cooking skills, just to find out when I remake it that they aren't so keen. Lol.

Breakfast was banana pancakes made with buckwheat flour, banana, honey, linseed and apple sauce.  Marty wasn't keen on it (he doesn't like banana's), nor was Barney.  Tarja liked hers and Jimmie went for seconds.  Not so bad.

Lunch was carrot and ginger soup, with Quinoa Tabouli.  The soup was a bit bland in my opinion, but fluorescent orange in colour and nothing to complain about.  I liked the tabouli but Marty thought it was too lemony.

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veganday1 007 veganday1 015

I couldn’t make the planned dinner for this evening as I couldn’t get hold of some of the ingredients for it. So we made Indian Lentils instead (see last photo).  As horrible as it looks (I personally think it looks yum, but Marty nearly died when I dished it up!) it tasted really, really, really good. It is definitely a meal that we will make regularly.  We ate it with brown rice, and leftover Adzuki Patties.  Yum.

But more than anything, the kids and Marty are loving the seedy treats.  They are disappearing fast. In the photo you can see a log of seedy heaven, which is frozen and sliced up, eaten straight from the freezer. To the left of that are sesame slices, and the balls are walnut and cocoa truffles.  All are totally healthy and nutritious, and the bonus is that the kids think they are cakes!

I also made a big pot of lentil and lemon soup for another day.  Marty wanted it blended up so that he couldn’t see the ingredients, and it is now yellow soup, but it tastes absolutely divine. I can’t wait to eat it!

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Steve said...

dinner was yummy

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