Thursday, 17 June 2010

We are in Turkey!

Finally that time is here! Tomorrow is the wedding day of the year - to my sister and her lovely fiance. And to celebrate it the entire family (almost) has come out to Turkey to be with them on their special day.

We are having just the lovliest time here. We are staying at the Mozaik Apartments which have only been open for ten days before our arrival. Thankfully it is all finished and everything is brand spanking new, fully working and just lovely. The kids, needless to say, are having the best time ever.
The journey over was long but all in all the kids were really good. Rosie decided to stay awake for the entire flight (despite getting up at 4am) and then fell asleep just as we landed. Barney was quite sick the whole way. It wasn't flight sickness as it started the very second that he sat in his seat, before the plane had even moved, and continued for most of the flight. I think it was just anxiety. A few times he had a panic and told us we all had to get off the plane and go home, but we managed to calm him down and he got here in one peice. The night we arrived he was so over tired that the 'hated Turkey' and wanted to fly home immediately. I told him that he was just over tired and that in the morning, after a good sleep, he would really enjoy himself here. He woke up with a smile and announced "Mummy, you were right! I love Turkey now!"

Right now I am cooling down in the apartment whilst Rosie has her mid day nap. I can hear Barney and Marty out in the pool. Jimmie and Annabelle went to stay with my sister and her kids at their villa last night, and aren't home yet.

It is much hotter than I had expected! Yesterday was about 42, which was a killer! I was expecting temperates of about 27 - 28, so it hit me a bit hard! Today I am not finding the heat so debilitating. I don't know if that is because its a bit cooler, or because I am getting used to it.

The Mozaik is just really lovely. It has a lagoon style pool with an island in the middle, full of sunbeds. It is pretty quiet and there are always free sunbeds to use. The kids just love the pool. It's just the perfect place for everyone as it isn't too crowded and noisy, which suits Barney; it is close to the shops and beach which suits the big kids. The older two can come and go as they please, swim when they like and chill out in the apartment whenever. And I can sit here whilst Rosie naps without being too far from everyone else.

Here are some photos....

On Tuesday night the entire party met up for a meal. Walking down the market street in such a large group, every restaurant was coming out and begging us to eat with them! They were all pretty empty. In the end we had a lovely meal and a few of us chose traditional Turkish food, including myself. I have no idea what I was eating, but it was certainly delicious! I think I like Turkish food :)

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