Sunday, 27 June 2010

A turkish wedding....

My little sister looked like a beautiful spanish senorita on her wedding day. I sat behind our Mum as we watched Maddi walk down the ailse, alone, followed by our littlest sister Hannah. Mum was balling her eyes out and desperately begging for a tissue, which I did not have!
The wedding took place outside in the gorgeous Sundial resort; a secluded oasis nestled in the pine hillside overlooking Fethiye Bay. We sat in the 40plus heat waiting for Maddi to arrive. When she made her entrance she just looked absolutely stunning.
Maddi and Tom just looked so in love the entire day. And so very, very happy. It was a really nice family affair; very personal. The wedding itself was followed by a photo session, then a meal in the upper terrace; an open air restaurant just for our party. We had speeches and anyone who wanted to could say something. Then a little boogie on the dance floor before heading back to our hotels, apartments and villas.
The wedding was so memorable, so personal and very special. We all wish Maddi and Tom a very happy life together, and I hope that they are really enjoying their honey moon right now in Sri Lanka. Here are some photos....

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