Friday, 13 February 2009

White Sands

As regular readers of my old blog will know, I have been blogging for three years and have decided to start a fresh new blog. It wasn't an easy decision. I love my old blog, but it is still there.

2009 has been a mixed bag of good blessings and stress! We are enjoying every day with our new baby daughter, but the stress of dealing with a certain crazed lady has almost sent me crazy myself! Now with the police involved I have been advised to change my phone number, email addresses and blog address. So here I am, with a fresh new blog, and no worry about what I can and can't write.

This new blog is called 'White Sands' as this was the place on our trip across America that inspired me the most. The most beautiful place on earth that I have ever witnessed. I sat on the white sands desert in New Mexico and watched the sun set. Totally alone. Marty was on a walk with some other tourists, and the kids were playing in a sand dune near by. I felt the most surreal, peaceful, calm moment of my life here, as I watched the sun set across the desert. I would love to submerge my family in this peaceful, calm feeling at home. Since this was the place that our lovely baby girl came from, it seemed apt to name our family blog after it.

The Carlsberg Family blog address came from a friend who once used the Carlsberg advert to describe us. We are probably the best family in the world, in my eyes. Although no where near perfect we are perfect to each other!


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to check this blog everyday to see whats new. Your blogs are excellent and you are an amazing writer. All my love Marty XXX

Darwi said...

White Sands!
I love the title. I hope you'll come over to get "inspired" again! :D

Enilorac76 said...

I love your blogs, Venus! And this one is fab because of the colours - every time I visit it's like I'm having a little holiday :-) Keep up the good work. xx

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