Thursday, 21 July 2011

A 16th Birthday

I'm not entirely sure how.... but somehow I have managed to keep another human being alive for sixteen full years! Pretty impressive, don't you think? It is hard to believe that my first baby boy has just turned sixteen. I wasn't much older than him when he was born. The years are flashing past at a scary speed.

Since becoming sixteen only happens once and is a bit special we had a good old shindig for him, out in the front garden. Shockingly the sun shone for the entire day (it was one of the only sunny days we've had this summer!) which was perfect for outr outdoor party.

Now, in my opinion, one is never too old for a good bounce! So we hired a big adult sized bouncy castle, and some sumo suits for the crack. We erected a gazebo and filled it with air beds and cushions to create a sort of lazy area (which little Rosie mostly hijacked to keep out of the sun) and we kitted out the garage with food, helium balloons and music. Marty was in charge of the barbecue since he's obsessed with fire, and meat.

Family came, and lots of Badgers school friends and it turned out to be a pretty damn good day. I hope he enjoyed it and remembers it for years to come. Happy birthday to my baby boy who is now practically a man!

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