Saturday, 18 December 2010

December Birthday Bash

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My darling friend J promised A and I last December that she would organise us a proper birthday bash this year. A’s birthday is on Christmas Eve, and mine is 29th December; and because of the timing we rarely manage to get people to go out and celebrate.  It’s just such a busy time of year.  So this year we celebrated it a few weeks early, and invited all our nearest and dearest.  J organised the whole thing and did an excellent job.  A and I were way over excited about it for many weeks before hand. 

We met at S’s house for pre party drinks before heading to an Indian restaurant for a delicious meal. Mmmm, I have been craving curry since that night. Drool.  Two of my sisters were able to make it, which I was pleased about, as well as some of my dearest friends. After the meal we headed off to party at Lavery’s – but since it was Christmas the queue to get in was ridiculous so we ended up at a students union goth night of all places!!! Watching the little goths dancing in their strange outfits was quite entertaining!

I had been quite sick with a fluey type bug for several days before and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make my own party. Luckily enough I was well enough on the Saturday night, although I really didn’t have my partying strength back. I would dance, then feel like death for a bit and sit. Then dance a wee bit more. Hehe. But it was all good fun.  Both J and K went out of their way to make my birthday bash a night to remember.  Thanks so much guys.  I had a blast :-) and am already looking forward to next years!




Anonymous said...

sorry I couldnt make it :( we were celebrating something early too: Christmas with Davids family. Hope you're feeling better now. See you Christmas eve/day

Anonymous said...

p.s from Hannah!

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