Sunday, 19 December 2010

Airing the cobwebs

My week away at a lovely, secluded little cottage in Ballintoy on the coast of Northern Ireland seems such a long time ago now. In reality it was just a few weeks back. But I’ve been slack at blogging (well, slack? Not really, more like busy)

It was a very last minute decision on my part to get away.  Marty was willing to look after the kids and I needed a break like you wouldn’t believe. The stress of the last year was getting to me and I feared I might totally lose my marbles.  So I found this little cottage near the Giants Causeway and booked it for a week. Then persuaded (ok, to be honest not much persuasion was really needed) two friends to join me.  K and E. K could only come for the weekend as he had to get back to work. 

DSC_0021 DSC_0065

We had a lovely time. Lots of chilling out. Playing guitar and music. Dark walks in spooky graveyards where coffins were actually lifting out of the ground and moving about all over the place!  We discovered a little harbour and beach just down from our cottage and went exploring.  And lots of eating… especially on my part.

E and I had more time to really explore the area. The Causeway Coastal route is breathtakingly beautiful.  It was bitterly cold, and windy, but still so beautiful.  E and I visited The Giants Causeway (the wind there really cleared our sinuses!), as well as various little beaches along the way.  It was great to have nothing too serious to think about for a few days and to enjoy some fresh air.  We had lots of giggles, watched movies, did the most ridiculous things under the influence of vodka and generally had a great time. E spent every evening tending the open fire and keeping us warm, whilst I mostly fed us.

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