Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Message from Marty...

A Blog post by Marty,

The blog that Venus does is truly amazing and I love it. Its great to look back on all the things we have done as a family as well as a reminder of difficult and troubled times that every family has to overcome.

I just wanted people to know and I have chosen this way to tell people that I am having quite alot of personal difficulties at the moment. I am putting extra strain on this already tough family life.

Venus is supporting me in what I need to do; that is to spend some time away at mums and to look after the kids at weekends. This will be very Hard for Venus and the kids but its something I have to do.

I have never really put myself first in any situation in life and I am going to at this time. Mum is great to get on with and I love spending time with her, she always works long hours so I get a beautiful house in the country to myself as well (thanks mum x)

Myself and Venus are still the best friends and I don't really wish to go into my difficulties with anyone, so no awkward silences, just don't bring the subject up; if I need someone to talk to someone, I will ask :0)

Thought it would send tongues wagging if people thought we were apart the whole time.

Thanks in advance for your understanding. xxx

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Loopy Loo said...

Love & hugs to you both xx

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