Sunday, 14 March 2010

Who is the happiest, luckiest woman in the world?



It’s that time of year again when mothers all across the country get spoilt rotten and allowed to rest guilt free, for at least a lie in!  But my wonderful family gave me so much more than a lie in today.  I was truly spoilt rotten, by people who love and care for me so deeply.  As I look at these photos of my gorgeous family I think that I must be the luckiest person in the world. 


I have a nasty cold at the moment. One of those big, purple puffy eyes, awful type colds that just never lets up.  So I have spent the entire day in bed. Resting, sleeping, eating and enjoying being spoilt.  Barney spent 24 hours organising a party in his bedroom. No matter what the occasion, it is always followed by a party in his room. It’s become almost religion now.  So we crowded into his room where he had plates set out on the floor, with cut fruit and juices.  We played a game of darts and won prizes and booby prizes.  The Barney gave me the presents he had made / bought. A card that he made at school, another that he made at the autism NI kids art club.  Some potpourri, incense oils, a mini iced mothers day cake, and a notebook.  Every mother in the world loves the home made cards that their kids put their hearts and souls into making.


I was awoken this morning by the sound of my 4 kids (and hubbie!) singing ‘we love you Mummy, we do!’  What made it more special was little Rosie who was screaming her own version of ‘we do’ at the end of each verse! So cute!  She didn’t know what was happening but knew it was exciting and was in good spirits for it.  She gave me a shoe box filled with presents. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many presents for Mothers Day. It included a book called ‘The Mums Book – For the Mum who’s best at everything’, a big packet of Minstrels, Rolos, face cream, a book about healthy eating, and a black beaded bracelet. I’m not convinced she picked and paid for it all herself. But she certainly helped me open it all!

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Tarja gave me a beautiful gift bag filled with a card, aero chocolate, a tea cup that says ‘If found empty – FILL’ (perfect for me!), and the most gorgeous framed photo of me and her. I was really touched.

Badger had gone to great efforts to hand make me a gift bag and it was actually brilliant.  He made me a little book of tokens with things such as ‘1 cup of tea’ on them.  And he gave me a Boots gift card so that I can go out and treat myself to something.  So as you see I was truly spoilt!  But that’s not all…..

 girls swing

After all that excitement I went back to sleep off some of my fluey coldness. But was awoken at lunchtime by the smell of garlic. Mmmmm. Marty had made me mussels in garlic, with spaghetti and garlic bread! I LOVE mussels. And so does Barney, as we discovered whilst he helped me to eat it! Hehehe.  I enjoyed sharing my lunch in bed with him. We made a right mess and there’s garlicy juices all over the duvet now!

I’ve spent the day drifting in and out of sleep. I get up for the odd cuddle with Rosie, or a cup of tea; then when my eyes start running non stop I go back to sleep for a bit. I’ve enjoyed blowing bubbles to Rosie (she can now say Bubble!), and deep conversations with Barney about gravity and the discoveries of Isaac Newton.  All thanks to the book I borrowed from AutismNI about famous people from history who were thought to be autistic.  Barney carried out some gravity experiments which involved jumping off of the bed.  We discussed what gravity might be like on other planets and had a laugh pretending to walk with less and more gravity. 

Not a single day goes by when I don’t sit at some point and think about how lucky and how happy I am.  Sure life with four kids (especially with Barneys current difficulties) can be hard work. But that work is totally worth every second of it. The rewards are endless. Each little first as babies; each achievement as they grow; the smiles; the sound of laughter; the feelings of pride as they overcome things; watching older siblings protect the younger; the giggles as they play together; the conversations; watching them sleep; watching them grow into the kindest, most thoughtful, caring, young adults; seeing them learn from past mistakes; the cuddles, kisses and oodles of love. There is beauty in every moment, happiness everywhere.   There is no place I’d rather be, nothing I would rather do that be the Mama of this happy little family. 

Thank you, each of you – my precious family for taking care of each other, taking care of me, for understanding that I am only human and have failings; but for loving me anyway. I love each of you more than words can ever express. xx


Mrs. Mike said...

happy mothers day!

you scared me though... you crazy Europeans messing with my head haha

Mrs. Mike said...

well you know the smell of puppy breath? thats what the "after bathing" smell is like... so take puppy breath and make it 100 times stronger, and add a little toxic burning to your eyes. as well as a lot of gagging. thats a skunk!

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