Sunday, 7 March 2010

Family snippets

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of weeks.  That seems to be becoming the norm though.  Rosie had a horrible tummy bug that had her vomiting for 24 hours straight. She was very unwell, and then didn’t eat for several days.  Now Barney  has caught it and he has spent all day today looking drained, drifting in and out of sleep on the sofa, and chucking up.  I feel sorry for the little ones when they are so ill.  But its also very hard as a Mum, especially at night time when instead of sleeping you spend the whole night with a bowl and tissues in hand, mopping up puke!

In between sick days we’ve had some nice times.  We took Rosie and Barney swimming at the big crazy pool place in Lisburn. It was Rosie’s first ever swim.  She absolutely loves her bath times so we had an inkling that she’d enjoy swimming.  Barney just couldn’t wait to take her for her first swim. From the changing rooms she kept pointing at the pool with excitement. But when I took her to the baby pool with the big pirate ship she clung on to me for dear life. So many people, and so much noise. Poor wee thing was terrified. But within 5 minutes she was splashing and squealing with delight.  All four of us had the best time. We really should get out more often.  I know Marty really enjoyed seeing his littluns having so much fun.

wonka2Barney had to dress as a character from a book for world book day at school. He chose to go as Charlie Bucket, which was pretty simple.  We tore up an old shirt to make him look really poor, gave him a cap and scarf, and then made a golden ticket which we stuck to the front of his shirt. Here he is acting as Charlie Bucket, excited on discovery of his golden ticket :)

Marty took the littluns out to Scarva park for a bit of sunshine. And yesterday we took a trip to Gosford Forest Park, where we had a picnic, a walk along the river, and a peek at the sheep and geese.  The big kids aren’t so interested in these days out any more, and are usually too busy with their own social lives to grace us with their presence! But Rosie just loves being out and about, and Barney just loves to see his sister having fun.


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Mrs. Mike said...

omg Maks and I had that same bug! Maks had horrible diarrhea as well. We were both living on popsicles and gingerale for about three days. poor babies

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