Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ode To Tarja

Tarja has been complaining that there are not enough photos of her on my blog.  And since she is so truly photogenic I have planned to rectify that right away…..

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As you can see, in half of the photos she has her baby sister. That is because she is like a 2nd Mummy to wee Rosie, and is nearly always cuddling and kissing her.  She loves her to bits, and Rosie returns the feelings. 




Ali said...

Great pics of your family Hazel! :) Tell me, how the hell do you get your blog stretched right across the screen like that?? With mine I hate the confines of Blogger's basic template, would love to have this 'widescreen' look on mine..........can you help?? xx

Venus said...

If you go to your dashboard and check on the tab 'layout' you can then check on the tab 'choose new template'. I use the 2nd layout in the list called Denim, but I clicked on the lowest option for that one called 'stretch denim light'. This is a wide page layout. I then when to 'fonts and colours' and changed all the colours to suit myself so that it no longer looks like the generic one in the sample.
I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...


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