Tuesday, 19 January 2010


It’s been about a week since Barney started on the Melatonin and all I can say is ‘wow!’

He takes it before bed, then does his usual routine of watching a dvd in bed for half an hour, before I get in with him for snuggles. Depending on his mood we either chat and cuddle, or do some relaxation together. The first night on Melatonin it took 40 minutes from when he took it until he was asleep. The next night it took about half of that.  The third night he fell asleep watching his video! Now most nights he watches the film, has a very sleepy cuddle with me where he keeps telling me how tired he is, and is asleep within seconds of me leaving the room.

He is happy about that. And so are we. It means he is not up worrying until 11pm or later, about things little boys shouldn’t be worrying about. And it means that Marty and I get a few hours to rest now before our bedtimes. What a relief.

He is still getting anxious during the day about things. We decided to turn the office into an office/chill-out room for Barney. We still have the computer desk in one corner.  But we have turned another corner into a yoga/relaxation area, and the other corner into an art studio. 

The yoga corner has a mat, cushions and his yoga cards stuck to the wall. We have incense and candles, plus relaxation sounds – the sounds of water, rainforests etc as Barney can’t stand music at the moment.


The art corner now has a table, a huge bookcase full of art equipment and an easel with a whiteboard and chalkboard on it.  He spends hours every day making things, creating things and drawing, so it is ideal for him. Plus I’ve noticed that he uses art to express his worries and fears. 

Here is a photo of the young man himself practising his yoga moves…



Laney said...

I love that he has his own Yoga corner! I'm jealous.

Mrs. Mike said...

I am with Laney on that one! So jealous... of the entire room! It sounds like heaven! Yoga, art table, and the computer. hahaha
When Michael gets home we are getting a three bedroom house, just to have an art room!

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