Saturday, 17 October 2009

Tired, so tired

Oh what a horrible week it has been. Everyone except me has been ill. Tarja was off school for 4 days, Barney has been off all week, and little Rosie is sick as sick can be. She is a mysery! Barney was a missog as well for most of the week, and neither Barney or Rosie wanted to sleep. So Marty and I have been up doing shifts every night. Barney or Rosie sleeping in bed with me. Waking up every 20 minutes to cough, or sneeze, or moan and cry. Everyone has had temperatures. Everyone has been off their food, and lethargic. Everyone except me that is. I've been the one playing nurse. And boy am I shattered!

Everyone apart from Rosie seems to be improving now. Lets hope Rosie follows. The poor darling also has her second tooth trying to break through, which isn't helping her to feel any better. (Can you spot her first tooth in the photo?)

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