Thursday, 29 October 2009

Spooky times at Nanny’s house…

My Mum always throws such good parties. I do enjoy the wonderful family evenings we have at her house.  She has built this gorgeous, big house out in the countryside. It is such a homely, welcoming place.  With half of the family working shifts it is often difficult to find a night when everyone is free so Mum has decided just to have lots of regular family get togethers, and who-ever isn’t working can come along.

Barney spent the entire week worrying about the fancy dress Halloween party. His main concern was whether Rosie would be scared of all the spooky costumes; a fair enough concern. But as the day approached he found more and more things to worry about; what if the car ran out of petrol? what if it was too windy? what if he felt ill? what if, what if, what if… I started to wonder if we would make it out of the house.

Anyway, the day came and to help him overcome his nerves and feel some excitement I took him out shopping for accessories for his Halloween costume.  Barney had decided that he wanted to be an ugly witch, and that Rosie would be his black cat. So he bought a witches hat, and I sewed on some dangly spiders to it, at his request.  I made Rosie a pair of cat ears and drew on some whiskers with eye liner.  Tarja wanted to be a Mummy and still had all the bandages from last year, so it was just a case of wrapping her up.  Badger went as Ozzy Osbourne, in a costume that he borrowed from a friend.  Marty and I went as Dracula, and a vampire slayer. Ok, so I was a nun, but I was a vampire slaying nun. Lol. ( I must just say that Marty, not being used to wearing makeup, slept with his makeup on, and then went shopping in the town the next morning without realising he still had it on!! )

MumsHalloween 057 MumsHalloween 050

Everyone made such a fab effort with their costumes. We had a grim reaper, a naughty fairy, a clown, ‘Walking with dogs’ the Red Indian, a dead princess, a vampire girl, an alien. But the most amazing costume by far was my Mum as Cruella D’Evil!  Funnily enough, Rosie was terrified of her, but fine with the grim reaper!

MumsHalloween 017 MumsHalloween 010 MumsHalloween 013 MumsHalloween 051 MumsHalloween 037 MumsHalloween 074

MumsHalloween 078 MumsHalloween 024

Mum cooked up an awesome feast as always.  And about 4 different desserts to accompany it.  Then we played some games.  Apple bobbing was a laugh; no one could believe how fast Jimmie could grab an apple with his teeth! It was un-human. Then we played a game of pumpkin pitch n putt, which every one enjoyed, but especially the kids. We all voted for the best kids and adults costume.  Barney was overjoyed at winning the best kids costume.  Whilst our clown and grim reaper came joint first in the best adult costumes (we weren’t allowed to vote for Cruella, since she had bought the prizes!)

MumsHalloween 064

It was a fun night, and all the kids were extremely well behaved.  Rosie stayed up right until we left at 10.30 – 3 hours past her bedtime, without so much as a groan.  Barney was in great form considering his week of worry.  We all came home stuffed to the gills with yummy Mummy food.  I’m quite looking forward to the days when I’m a Granny myself and can hold big family events with all my precious kiddies and grand-kiddies!

You can see the rest of the nights photos in this album….

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