Thursday, 15 March 2012

Oxygenate me!

Last Friday I went into hospital for a septoplasty and turbinate removal. I didn't know I was getting turbinate removal until after the operation (in fact I've never heard of turbinates until this point).  For years I have had trouble breathing through my nose and my GP has suggested it might be the cause of constant headaches and feelings of tiredness. But I was never keen to get it fixed. But then the last few years I've started snoring like a wart hog and choking during the night when I stop breathing.  So once my blood pressure was under control it was decided that I ought to finally get my nose sorted out.

I was lead to believe that septoplasty was a very simple procedure and that I'd be allowed home the same day if all went well. However, after a 2 hour operation the surgeon came to tell me that things had been far more complicated than expected.  My septum appeared to have been broken in two places and was completely bent out of shape. They tried their best to fix it but said they'd had to remove so much cartilage that I might have some trouble from this.  Then he said that my turbinates were so enlarged that I couldn't breath anyway so they removed them too. I've since read that turbinates will enlarge if you're suffering allergies and can be the cause of snoring. 

I stayed in overnight until I could get the two 8 inch long tampons pulled out of my nostrils! Man, that was not a pleasant experience!! I was glad to get home but have to say that the recovery has been slower than I'd hoped. I feel completely and utterly drained most of the time, and really nauseous. I've barely eaten since Friday but have lost half a stone, so it's not all bad! 
Today I am going back in to hospital to get the plastic splints taken out of my nose. I am hoping that I'll feel a marked improvement in sinus and tooth pain once these are out, and might even be able to breath again.

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kolfinnas korner said...

oh my! I hope you DO feel a lot better after all that.

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