Sunday, 6 November 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Belfast

So after a full night of queuing I finally got be to only a few feet away from the real Anthony Kiedis!  Yes I did! DREAM COME TRUE. Haha. Ok, so after a full night of queuing A and I finally managed to get our two tickets each to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers live at the Ulster Hall in Belfast for an intimate gig for the MTV awards, which were hosted in Belfast this year.  

Another two hours queuing ensured we were pretty near the front of the gig, about 3 rows from the front in fact. This meant we were very close, as you can see from the photos.  Hank and I had already seen them perform live a few days before in Dublin, but we were one of thousands of people there. This gig was much smaller and the atmosphere was electric.  I had one arse of a man try to literally pull me out of the way to get my spot. When I tackled him about it he started grabbing me and trying lift me out of the way! In the end I smacked him in the head and he let go! Moron. 

But the gig was awesome and I was on cloud nine.  I've loved the Chili Peppers since I was 15 and this was an absolute dream come true!

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