Sunday, 30 October 2011

A little man turned 8

Yes, my little boy has turned eight years old and is growing into a lovely young man, before my eyes. His birthday was a few weeks back, but it's taken me this long to write a post about it.

Barney has never had a bedroom decorated. He inherited his current room from his big brother, who in turn inherited it from whoever lived in it before us. It was a real mess. The carpets w
ere disgusting, the walls were in desperate need of attention, and it was completely cluttered. So, I decided that for a birthday surprise we would decorate his bedroo
m. He hadn't really asked for much in the way of presents, so we told him we were organising a surprise and he would get it when he got home from school.

Well, he certainly was suprised! And delighted too! Here are some before and after photos. His big brother also made a video of our efforts which I shall link to at the end.

These are the 'before' photos....

And these are the 'after' photos....

As well as having his room decorated we did the usually birthday presents and cake thing, so he h

ad the best 8th birthday a boy could have!
The video that his big brother made is here. If you are a relative and haven't seen it yet then
you simply must watch it for two reasons. Firstly to see the fabulous make-over, and secondly to see how talented Badger is at making films!

Here are a few more photos of the birthday boy....

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