Sunday, 7 August 2011

It's a jolly holiday.... (3)

Rosie, Barney and I took another little summer holiday day trip to the butterfly farm and gardens in Seaforde. We paid for the butterfly house and gardens as it was a beautiful day. When we came out of the butterfly house it was tipping it down outside so we had to go to the cafe and wait for it to brighten up before we could visit the gardens and maze!

The kids purposely wore bright clothes in the hopes that butterflies would land on them :) Rosie got lucky several times. One big butterfly landed on her head where she had a purple butterfly clip in her hair. Then twice they landed on her dress and she was chuffed to bits! Barney wasn't so 'lucky' but he still had great fun filming them with my camera. We also saw the fish, turtles, birds and tarantulas too!

The gardens there are beautiful and I'd like to go back on a better day. We found our way to the centre of the maze (although it is gravel and I was pushing a tired Rosie in the buggy around that maze for about 40 minutes... which isn't easy and is damn exhauting!) and then found our way back out again (thanks to a master navigator... Barney).

Check out the last photo at the bottom.... because its just mega cute!

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