Monday, 12 April 2010

Trip to England

Blog post by Marty

Last week I took a wee trip to England with Luke on a four day adventure, and he had just the best time. He was a little worried about the plane and travelling but he coped so well. We almost had the airport to ourselves and there was not many people on our flight so we boarded last, nice and calm. The fun started as soon as we got to my parents house where lots of family members were meeting for Easter tea together. We had an Easter egg hunt after in Granny's house which Barney loved (he got two Easters this year), and it was great to catch up with all my family.

The next day Barney played with Granny and grandad and his cousins before C picked us up and we went out for lunch. Anybody that knows young Barney will know how much he loves C. From the moment she picked us up you could not part them, she is such a good friend and even said to me at one point "I might as well start calling you dad now" lol.

We spent two nights at Granny's and two at C's house. One day we all went to the seaside and C bought along her lovely niece. We went on the Romley, Hythe and Dymchurch railway and it was just amazing. My parents used to take me on that train ride when I was a little boy and it brought back so many happy memories. Within a few hours the two young ones had hit it off and were "in love." Poor Barney could not stop talking about her and had all his plans in action for an early wedding, including baking her a cake every year on her birthday, and when she is a bit older he will buy her flowers every month!

We did lots of other cool things while we where there too. C made lovely cheese straw biscuits with the kids (we want the recipe by the way girl) and also made meal times fun in the "Blue Towel Restaurant". C played a waitress and served them all their food in a really funny voice (it was called the blue towel because it was there to stop them making a mess.)

On the last day Granny and Grandad took us both out for a meal and Barney had a pudding for his main course.

The way home was much more stressing but young Barney did so well, I was so proud of him.

At the airport we ate sushi and he had a large sheet of paper strapped to his chest about how much he wanted to show his love for his new girlfriend.

A great time was had by all and big thanks to C and Granny and Grandad for everything. With flights this cheap I must turn up with a different child soon!

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crunicorn said...

I must be more organised next time and arrange to bump into you!!!

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